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ADAM AZIM~Chapter Director
Public Opinions International

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International Development Study Group

We are an organization working to promote sustainable development in the world through training, mentorship, and study tour activities around the world.

We organize field based training and mentorship sessions in communities, secondary schools as well as in Universities. We organize International study tours as well as mentorship and inspiration sessions in which young people are guided and inspired towards innovation and personal competitiveness. We work towards sharing experience as well as discussing opportunities for prosperity.

Imagine young businesspersons, innovators and young leaders interacting with a Chief Executive of a responsible corporation in Europe, USA, Asia and North America. Imagine a young African Innovator, researcher, young leader and activists interacting with a cultural, political or local government official in USA, Europe, North America or Asia. We work towards inspiring the world for Sustainable peace and development.

Our focus is to mentor, train and encourage young people, business leaders, political leaders, elected leaders and professionals around the world to contribute towards attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that it’s our duty to mentor the world for sustainable peace and development. It’s our duty to organize focused study group sessions to study, train and mentor the world.


International Development Study Group work to train, mentor and inspire the world through training and mentorship sessions as well as Study tours around the world. Our activities are not limited to;

  1. Corporate and Industrial Study Tours: We organize corporate and industrial study tours in which we visit manufacturing plants or factories, interact with CEOs,employees and management on issues such as quality products,labour rights, environmental protection, commitment to fight corruption, productive corporate social responsibility,etc. This has inspired people to be innovators but at the same time it has encouraged corporate to act responsibly by promoting and upholding international best practices and standards.
  1. Educational Study Tours where we visit schools, universities and we interact with students, teachers, tutors lecturers, professors as well as administrators.
  1. Community Study Tours in which we engage in study group and mentorship sessions in communities around the world. We meet and interact with Local people and local leaders and share experiences with them. We study how the community is transforming towards prosperity and how the people are working towards development. Such experience is helpful to us because we disseminate it to others.
  1. Cultural and Religious Study Tours in which we seek to meet and interact with religious and traditional or cultural leaders.
  2. Leadership Study Tours in which we meet and interact with political leaders, elected leaders, government officials or Local Government officials around the world. This is a learning tour in which we gain experience as well as acquiring information from leaders around the world.