Abacus Parenteral Drugs Limited

Trading in pharmaceutical products is one of core industry in Uganda‘s economy. As the manufacturers of pharmaceutical products are very few to cater the market demand, majority of demand was met through importation. This business is growing at a rapid pace with the growth of population and export potential to neighbour countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Sudan etc. Nonetheless the Government support by removal of taxes on imports of Pharmaceutical products, to sustain its policies of providing proper medication to people, also provided a vital support for its accelerating growth

Through our expertise of the local pharmaceutical market and a spectrum of technologies and services, we are able to combine our collective capabilities in sourcing and using cutting-edge technology from all over the world, and recruiting highly qualified staff to create a cost-effective, efficient and high-quality manufacturing operation to cater for Uganda and the broader East African markets.

Our range of life-saving infusion drugs includes:

  1. Eye/Ear/Nasal drugs
  2. Intravenous drugs
  3. Water for injection (WFI) injectables

Our state-of-the-art facility and processes not only follow guidelines laid out by the World Health Organisation and by national regulators, but also conform to ethical and sustainability practices, as well as stringent quality control measures.


To be the leading manufacturer and distributor of Intravenous Infusions, Ophthalmic, Optic and other Sterile Finished Pharmaceutical Products in Uganda and Africa as a whole.


To provide quality products with easy access for all customers (individuals or institutions) at affordable prices through our state-of-art production methods, achieved in a manner of fairness, honesty and corporate responsibility.


Since our inception, we have maintained a strong quality and compliance record. We continuously work to stay abreast of the latest technologies and compliance frameworks in the industry, allowing us to improve and update our quality control systems. In doing so, we are able to ensure the highest standards of compliance and performance at our production facility.

APDL has put in place stringent measures and systems to ensure that established standards of quality – Identity, Purity, Efficacy and Safety – of each and every product are met before the products leave the factory.

Quality is monitored and controlled at each step of the production cycle – Raw Materials, Production, Sterilisation, Packaging, Labelling and Quarantine. Our Production and Quality Control Team utilises specially calibrated computerised equipment to continuously validate each product through the entire production cycle.

Standard operating procedures for each step and a comprehensive documentation system, in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) and CGMP guidelines, is used to ensure consistent quality for all products produced. APDL’s post-marketing follow-up and feedback system allows the monitoring of quality and stability of products in the market.

Some of the examples of our quality control and assurance include:

Tamper proof unique and new bottle design, with an engraved logo.

A unique prism-shaped pilfer proof bottle for multi dose units for Eye/Ear drops in 5 ml and 10ml packs, and single dose vials in 5 ml and 10 ml for WFI injectables.


Integrity And Ethics

APDL prioritises high standards and has established a strong foundation of integrity and compliance to help guide employees in making sound, ethical business judgments. All employees are trained to reinforce commitment and to maintain a culture of integrity in all their engagements. In addition, we offer a range of programs and activities to help employees make good decisions.

APDL’s compliance programme reflects the company’s commitment to comply with the laws and regulations of Uganda. Our programme seeks to prevent, detect and resolve potential violations of law or company policy. This compliance programme is dynamic, involving multiple polices and procedures.

APDL strives to ensure that our suppliers comply with our guidelines, and know and obey all the laws governing our purchasing functions. Therefore, the development of long-term, cooperative relationships between APDL and our key suppliers is of great importance.

Our focus is on the strategic and tactical objectives of both parties and includes high-level commitment and involvement, joint objectives and honest, open and timely communication. We promote fair and ethical treatment in all our dealings with suppliers, and therefore we expect our suppliers will comply with our ethical standards..

Manufacturing Excellence

APDL has put in place stringent measures and systems to ensure and meet established standards of quality – Identity, Purity, Efficacy and Safety – of each and every product are met before it leaves the factory.

Quality is monitored and controlled at each step – Raw Material, Production, Sterilisation, Packaging, Labeling and Quarantine.

APDL’s Production and Quality control team, uses specially calibrated computerised equipment to continuously validate each product through the entire production cycle.

Standard Operating Procedures for each step and a Comprehensive documentation system, in accordance with WHO and CGMP guidelines ensures consistent quality of all products.

APDL’s post marketing follow up and feedback system allows the monitoring of quality and stability of products in the market.

Quality Assurance

To stay abreast with the latestinnovations in the industry and keeping pace with the fast changing technologies. APDL has one of the best in house Quality Assurance/ Quality control and R&D departments.

The departments are equipped with the latest & sophisticated equipment.


At APDL, we view sustainability as a long-term approach that includes our social, economic and environmental responsibilities amongst our business priorities.

Our efforts in this area are aligned with our mission of operating fairly and creating cost-effective live-saving drugs. Our recent sustainability initiatives have promoted the use of environmentally friendly processes and raw materials.

For instance, by installing two biomass boilers, we have managed to curb our existing use of furnace oil boilers. In doing so, we are systematically reducing our reliance on fossil fuels in a bid to contribute to a greener environment.

Our building was designed to be completely illuminated by natural lighting, with glass walls supporting the building and on the ceiling allowing us to reduce our reliance on electric lighting.

We previously utilised an air-cooled condenser to control the building’s internal temperature. But given the huge amount of electricity this consumed, we now use a water-cooled system, which has not only reduced our power consumption but has also made our processes more environmentally sustainable.

In terms of adjusting our use of raw materials, we have cut down our use of borehole and national supply water in favour of river water, which is crucial for the production of fluids..


Kiboko Group is committed to the development of disadvantaged communities in its countries of operation, by undertaking sustainable life-enhancing and awareness-raising projects. The Group has prioritised public health concerns by promoting health-related initiatives and responding to medical emergencies.

Amongst its diverse work with local communities, the Group has focussed on the following areas:

  • Establishing Uganda’s first accredited World Record
  • Supporting various nationwide health camps and health centres
  • Providing relief in response to local emergencies
  • Providing annual scholarships to Pharmacy students in Uganda
Meet Out Team





  • Chuni R. Shah – Chairman

    Mr Chuni R. Shah is the Chairman and a founding member of Kiboko Group. With vast commercial experience in East Africa, he has established numerous businesses in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. He previously worked for Rajni Shah & Co, an audit firm, before venturing into entrepreneurship by setting up Fairdeal Computers in 1983 in Nairobi, Kenya.  With an extensive network and broad experience, he is well versed with the customs and opportunities of East Africa.




  • Ramesh
  • B.S. Ramesh Babu – Managing Director

    Mr B.S. Ramesh Babu is the Managing Director of Kiboko Group and is responsible for group finance, accounts and administration.  He joined the company in 1993 and became a Director in 1995. Prior to this, he worked for both National Power and Thermal Corporation (India) and Athi River Mining Ltd (Kenya) as the Head of Finance. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board for Seven Hills Impex Ltd, Karnataka Water Pumps Ltd and Fina Bank. He also serves as a Director on the Board at Kampala Siti Industries Ltd and at Uganda Manufacturers Association. His vision and focus has transformed Kiboko Group from a general trader to a distribution and manufacturing powerhouse. Mr Babu is a Fellow Member of Cost and Management Accountants of India.




  • Rasik

  • Rasik H. Haria – Director

    Mr Rasik H. Haria is a Director and founding member of Kiboko Group. His core responsibilities are marketing and procurement for the entire group. Mr Haria immigrated to Uganda in 1983 from India, venturing into various businesses. He found his niche when setting up Kiboko Enterprises Limited, which initially sold imported iron-roofing sheets.




  • Praful



  • Praful N. Shah – Director

    Mr Praful N. Shah is a Director and founding member of Kiboko Group. He brings more than 40 years of business nous from his vast experience in various industries. Prior to joining Kiboko, he held the position of Managing Director at Oshwal Industries Limited (Tanzania), a shoe manufacturing company, from 1969 to 1971. From 1971 to 1979, served as the Managing Director of United Manufacturers Ltd, a shirt manufacturer for the export market. From 1979 to 2003, he was the Managing Director for Aluminium Enterprises Limited (Kenya) where he held overall responsibility for the local and export facilities of aluminium sheets, sufurias and hollowware. Mr Shah is a Mechanical and Production Engineer by profession.




  • George



  • George Odo – Director

    Mr George Odo is the Managing Director of AfricInvest Capital Partners in East Africa. He previously worked for CARE International initially as an Agribusiness Project Manager for CARE Kenya and subsequently as Regional Director for CARE Canada, where he was responsible for private sector and enterprise development in East & Southern Africa. Mr Odo has about 25 years working experience in the fields of private equity, venture capital, agri-business, financial services, training and negotiations, and working with small and medium enterprises (SMEs). He has served on several boards and currently serves on the boards of organizations in the insurance, health, education, NGO and financial sectors in East and Southern Africa. He holds an Executive MBA from USIU, Kenya/Columbia University, USA, and a BCom from Rani Durgavati, India. In addition, he studied for his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) at Strathmore University, Kenya and for his Partnership Broker Accreditation Scheme (PBAS) in the UK.




  • Skander



  • Skander Oueslati – Director

    Mr Skander Oueslati is a Senior Partner with the AfricInvest-Tuninves Group. Prior to this, he was Head of Structured Finance at BMCE International, a London-based investment bank dedicated to Africa, as well as Senior Investment Officer at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Washington DC, USA. Here, he worked on investments across several sectors including telecoms and infrastructure, as well as Treasury where he executed IFC’s first local currency bond issue in Francophone West Africa. He is a graduate of France’s Ecole Polytechnique and MIT, Cambridge, USA.




  • Rukmini



  • Rukmini Bonthala Garrido – Executive Director

    Ms Rukmini Bonthala Garrido is an Executive Director of Kiboko Group. She is responsible for leading all human resources aspects including talent acquisition, workforce training, development, policy development and corporate social responsibility. She holds an MBA from Maharishi University of Management (Iowa, USA).




  • Balaji.fw



  • Balaji E. Jampani – Group Chief Financial Officer

    Mr Balaji E. Jampani is the Group Chief Financial Officer and is in charge of global financial affairs, resource allocation and fundraising activities. Prior to joining the Kiboko Group in 2005, he was the Group Financial Controller at Dott Services Ltd in Kampala, Uganda. He is a Management Accountant and Company Secretary, and Fellow Member of both the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI) and the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). An Indian by birth, he holds a Masters in Commerce from Nagarjuna University of Guntur, India.




  • keita



  • Gabriel Keita – APDL Director

    Mr Gabriel Keita is an Independent Board Member for Abacus Group in collaboration with AfricInvest. Prior to this, he worked for a Ubipharm Group SA, a major pharmaceutical distributor in Francophone Africa and the French West Indies. He is also the founder of ILA & Partners, the consulting arm of the ILA Pharm Group Ltd that specialises in the African pharmaceutical sector. Among his clients are HIKMA Pharma (a US$1 billion turnover company listed on the London Stock Exchange), KOLON Pharmaceutical (of the to KOLON Group, a multi-billion worldwide group involved in several sectors including mining) and Morocco-based IPHARMA among others. Mr. Keita currently serves on boards of five companies based in France, Morocco and Cameroon. He holds an MBA from Esden, Madrid, a Bachelors from Faculte de Pharmacie de Montpellier (Chief Pharmacist) and served in the French Army in Germany for 1 year.



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