Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL)

Uganda Youth Development Link was accredited a Responsible Agency by Public Opinions International on 15th April 2016 in recognition and appreciation of its contributions towards Social-economic Transformation of Uganda as well as its contribution towards realisation of Uganda Vision 2040 and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Uganda.

Goal: To enhance human capital development among the disadvantaged youth in Uganda

Vision: "A transformed society where young people live a good quality of life free from exploitation"

Mission: To enhance socioeconomic transformation of disadvantaged young people through skills development for self-reliance.

Target group: Youth aged 10-24years who are vulnerable to exploitation and consequently to HIV/AIDS specifically:
• Children commercially sexually exploited, victims of trafficking and other worst forms of Child Labour
• Slum youth
• Street children
• Youth from poor families 

Areas of operation:

UYDEL runs a vocational skills and rehabilitation centre at Masooli in Nangabo Division, two drop-in-centres in Rubaga division at Nabulaggala of Kampala city, and in Mukono district, Mukono Town Council division in Kitega. The drop-in centers work closely with mobile outreach posts in Kamwokya-Church area zone, Kalerwe-Dobbi Zone, Bwaise-Bokasa zone, Nateete-Kajjumbi Zone, and Makindye-Mubaraka Zone for recruitment, assessment vocational skills training and rehabilitation of the young people.

 Strategic Priorities

Through the strategic analysis, a number of priority areas were identified which also form the core program areas and these include:

  1. Key Result Area 1: Institutional Capacity Development
    2. Key Result Area 2: Advocacy and Networking
      3. Key Result Area 3: Coordination
      4. Key Result Area 4: Programming

The strategic priorities and objectives for the five year period are:

 Program area 1: Institutional capacity building

Strategic Objective 1: To strengthen the institutional capacity of the UYDEL secretariat

 Strategic Objective 2: To strengthen the institutional capacity of UYDEL vocational training and rehabilitation center

Strategic Objective 3: To strengthen the institutional capacity of UYDEL in resource mobilization.

 Program area 2: Advocacy and networking

Strategic Objective 1: To strategically position UYDEL nationally and internationally for better access to resources

Strategic Objective 2: To strengthen UYDEL communication networks and inter-institutional linkages to enhance institutional learning, information sharing and innovation

 Program Area 3: Coordination

Strategic Objective 1: UYDEL secretariat coordination mechanisms with rehabilitation centers and partners strengthened by 2017

 Program Area 4: Programming

Strategic Objective 1: To strengthen UYDEL's existing projects

Strategic Objective 2: To increase the number of new projects attracted to UYDEL


UYDEL's Core values


UYDEL's Core Values

1. Respect for human rights: UYDEL commits to treating everyone justly in accordance with the need for fair balance between individual entitlements and interests of society. UYDEL will be guided by Human Rights Based approaches, upholding individuals' fundamental rights and respecting and promoting group rights in all dealings within the organization and in society.

2. Non-discrimination: UYDEL treasures human beings in the implementation of its programs and strives to work with all people without discrimination.

3. Transparency: UYDEL supports consultation and participation of all stakeholders at all stages of their interventions and accountability to the communities they serve. UYDEL will continuously advocate for a responsive and accountable system that provides quality services to the consumers at all times.

4. Integrity: Every member of the UYDEL staff, board and partners shall strive to maintain the highest standard of personal integrity in their dealings within the organization, with other stakeholders and their personal lives. This means that one must act in wholesome pursuance of the true good/destiny of human persons, exercise reasonable judgment in all situations, hold steadfastly true to their commitments, and demonstrate honesty and reliability in all circumstances.

5. Participation: UYDEL recognizes the fact that participation in processes legitimizes their claim on collective outputs and outcomes is critical, and provides identification and application of alternative approaches to the change that the organization seeks through the challenges and opportunities it will encounter. This will drive UYDEL's promotion of participatory approaches to decision making and action taking at all levels in the organization.

6. Team work: UYDEL values the strength of team work to achieve its goal. Its functional teams are built within the organization and among its partners to efficiently implement its programs.

UYDEL Partners

As UYDEL works hard towards achieving her goals and objectives, the Organization is working hand in hand with a team of National, Regional and International partners. Among UYDEL partners include;


UYDEL has been able to win some awards in recognition for her outstanding performance in improving the lives of the hard to reach young people in Uganda.

1. The United Nations Vienna Civil Society Award, 1999 in Recognition for outstanding contributions and achievements in the Global fight against Drug Abuse and pioneering community work in this field with youth.

2. The Commonwealth Africa Regional Youth Service Award, 1999 in recognition for the collective contribution made by UYDEL's young people to the development of their community

3. The Mentor Foundation Achievement Award, 2008 in recognition for the Peer to Peer Prevention Programme

4. The Vocational Award, 2008-2009 in appreciation of dedicated service to Humanity

5. Drug Control Addiction Award; 2012 during the Edutainment Africa Awards in recognition of our outstanding performance in drug and substance abuse prevention programmes .

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