Akugizibwe Livingstone-Public Member of Public Opinions International

Akugizibwe livingstone
Public Member-Public Opinions International
Currently District Councillor-Ndaiga Subcounty(Kagadi District)
Holder of Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management
Holds a Certificate in Administrative Law from LDC
Born on 17th February 1991
Worked as a Time Keeper in Primary five (2002)
Time keeper in senior one
Class Councillor in senior two
Health Prefect in Senior Five
Formed Ndaiga United Student's Association 
Served as Chairman-Ndaiga United Student's Association
Served as Vice President Kampala International university NRM Youth League(2013/2014)
Served as Chairperson Electoral Commission Kampala International University NRM youth league 2014
                                                 Hobbies : Traveling, Making new Friends,  Reading, Watching movies.
                                                 Well versed in Community Based Services and Organizational Leadership



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