H.E Boney Katatumba-Honoray Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Uganda


H.E Boney Katatumba
Honoray Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Uganda
Chairman-Katatumba Properties
He is International Advisor of Public Opinions International where he has successfully mentored young people to be productive and helped many to understand Uganda Vision 2040 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
He is Former President of Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI)


His Excellency, Mr. Boney Mwebesa Katatumba  was born to successful parents of the Banyankole people in the Ankole region of Uganda. Boney M became interested in business and doing well in life from an early age. Selling green banana juice to travelers along roadsides was one of his childhood businesses.

The fiery passion to become a successful businessman followed Boney M from childhood to adulthood. While matriculating at Makerere University, Boney M was not ashamed to start a car washing business, something many of his classmatesconsidered beneath him. Boney M noticed that many students had cars badly in need of a wash as they became covered in mud by Uganda's thick red clay soil.

He quickly filled a need by washing cars for students and employed others to work for him. Many mistakes in business were made, but he quickly bounced back and tried different strategies and took new risks.

Eventually, Boney M would go into business with his brother who was studying architecture at the time. He soon capitalized on the real estate market in Uganda, which propelled him along the path of eventually becoming a multimillionaire. He has helped many foreign investors linking them to Government of Uganda including the President,Ministers and other Government Officials. Boney Katatumba is an admirer of president Museveni but above all Boney Katatumba love helping the most disadvantaged people in Uganda

He is one of the most admired personalities in Uganda.


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