James Orlando Ogle

James Orlando Ogle
Vice President-USA Parliament 
The US Free Parliamentary Party
International Development Ambassador-Public Opinions International
Chairman-Public Opinions International (California,USA)

James Orlando Ogle is an American Development and Governance Activist who ran for President of The United States of America with the Libertarian Party in 2012.

He is a strong supporter of the philosophy of Libertarian Party of the Non-Initiation of force, Smaller Government, Increased Liberty.

He is committed to promoting the above concepts to help transform the United States of America 

He is also promoting  free speech rights and ballot access accross USA.

                                                  He is a Promoter of Public Opinions International

                                                  Public Opinions International is an organisation committed to information Dissemination,Public Awareness,      

                                                  Research,International Networking,Personal and Corporate Profiling and Public Relations.



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