International Peace Commission (IPC)

IPC is working in collaboration with the UN organs, such as UNEP, UNDP, UNCHR, UNDDA, and WTO for the betterment of our global society.IPC is associated with "Conference of NGO (CONGO)" in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations Organization (UNO) and  incorporated in the state Missouri United States of America as Non Profit organization and having Partnership /Collaboration with more than 1000 International Non Governmental Organizations in more than 28 countries.

What is the main Operational focus of IPC?

The main focus of our work is Human Rights, Social Development, Education, NGO Networking, Environment, Youth, Health, International Campaign against Aids, Women Empowerment, Media, Democratization, Humanitarian Aid, Disaster Management, Peace Keeping Disarmament and sustainability through development and support of civil society initiatives and goals. 

How it Works?

The IPC is dedicated to bring together a wide range of Civil Society Organizations from International to local levels, to consolidate and strengthen the disarmament and peace efforts of Organizations and individuals around the world because Without Peace there cannot be Prosperity.

IPC works with groups from a variety of backgrounds, including youth, women, labor, education, environment, human rights, religious and professional bodies to support non-violent conflict resolutions and works towards a sustainable culture of PEACE.

What is the Ideology of IPC ?

Youth, peace and development are closely interlinked: 
Peace enables development, which is critical in providing opportunities for young people, particularly those in countries emerging from conflict. Healthy, educated youth are in turn crucial to sustainable development and peace.

Peace, stability and security are essential to achieving the Millennium Development Goals, aimed at slashing poverty, hunger, disease, and maternal and child death by 2015.

Today we are experiencing a critical situation throughout the world, characterized by poverty across vast regions and confrontations between cultures. Violence and discrimination contaminate the daily life of broad sectors of the population. Armed conflicts plague many areas, and we now have a profound crisis in the international financial system. 

IPC believes that the Peace can only be achieved if the basic human rights given to all. For this, it is mandatory that our youth starts preparing today to win the fight of tomorrow for a better and prosperous world.

It is time to understand that our leaders and government are not the only responsible elements to provide us the relief and the basic rights as they have limited resources and abilities especially in the third world countries in the current situation of the global crises.

It is useless to wait and depends on the state as the only rescue or help we can get. We should be able to generate and increase our resources with the help of education and technology.

The Youth can be the main helping hand for the nation in every crisis and disaster by providing its services in Rescue- Relief – Rehabilitation which can lead the country to the success path.

There is great need of training and polishing the youth in every aspect of life to give them a positive non violent thinking to play the supportive role in the society. 

Special Services by IPC:


Responsible & Devoted for the Assistance in effectively utilizing available procedures of United Nations bodies and specialized agencies related with peace keeping, Anti Terrorism, Social, Culture, Democracy, Education, Health, and Human Rights and of other International and Regional Organization Professional legal and public relations advice.

Providing an information services for dissemination of information provided by the members to the public, Governments, International and Regional Organization; Assistance in development of democratic institutions and processes and in the monitoring of Human Rights Violations, Elections and Referenda.

Establishment of International Monitoring Cell for Urgent Action against Human Rights Violations/Terrorism.

How to get involved?

You can involve in the project in different ways which ever suits you and your schedules in daily life.

(1) Get IPC life membership and support the projects by monthly contributions or sponsorships.

(2) Be the IPC Advisory Council member and supervise the local operations in your capacity by supporting morally & financially.

(3) Be the Project Sponsor and involve in the Pilot project establishment and launching. 

(4) Be the event Partner for the project campaign and fund raising.

(5) Be the facilitator and resource provider for the Project launching.

(6) Be the IPC official and work through your network and represent IPC in all the forums as the IPC representative.

(7) Join IPC as regular donor and supporter and help the wining team.

(8) Train the youth as their trainer to educate and prepare them for the better future. 

(9) Be the IPC Ambassador in your country and enjoy the special powers & Privileges conferred by the World Chairman. 

(10) Get your organization/NGO affiliated with IPC and enjoy the unlimited benefits and global networking.

IPC is planning to have First International Peace Conference on Africa proposed to be held on Dec 2011 at UNEP HQ ,Kenya.