General Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma-International Development Ambassador-Public Opinions International

General Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma
International Development Ambassador-Public Opinions International
Member-International Advisory Council of Public Opinions International

He is based in India

General Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma is an accredited International Development Ambassador of Public Opinions International.Public Opinions International is a youth led organisation in Uganda East Africa working towards attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Uganda and East Africa through Information Dissemination,Training and Mentorship,Public Awareness,Investment Advsiory,Public Relations and International Networking

General Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma, IPC India was born on 24th April 1959 in Meerut City of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.), India. He passed his childhood in his birthplace where he completed his graduation studies from the Meerut University, Meerut in the Faculty of Commerce. He graduated in 1977 in the branch of Commerce as one of the most brilliant student of that generation. After graduation, he started the study of Business Administration and passed in 1981. He also qualified Certificate course in Industrial Management (Certified by the Government of India, Ministry of Industries). He received Honorary Doctorate awarded on the topic of the International Diplomacy i.e. equivalent to the PhD from the Logos University, Florida USA.

General Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma, IPC India is distinguished for his contributions in the community. He is born social activist and nationalist. He belongs to renowned Indian freedom fighter family. He supports continuously the people in need. So, he knows how to earn for himself with his work and with a part of his earnings he supports the social classes in economic difficulty and the humanitarian and philanthropic institutions of India.

General Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma, IPC India is an erudite intellectual with a charitable heart and with his skills he has been transformed into a spiritual leader for his community.

He, as a benefactor and as a missionary has been devoted to the cause of Peace.

He is the person who convinced the Top Management of the IPC to establish their Command in India and successfully established:

Secretariat of the IPC-PHILCOM and IOED (Joint Venture of the International Police Commission-IPC-PHILCOM and the International Organization for Educational Development – IOED)

He is working in team to support and promote the World Peace & Unity, Health, Education, Human Rights, Capacity Building, Culture & Tourism, Global Security, Development Projects, World Trade, Environment, Diplomatic Relations and Good Governance.

General Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma, IPC is mainly supporting the following organizations in the position of:

  • Executive President – International Organization for Educational Development “IOED” (A Diplomatic Mission having Special and Extraterritorial Status as per Vienna Convention 1961 & 1963)
  • Chairman and Director General - Intelligence of the International Police Commission Intelligence Group – IPC India Command (Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC) and also member of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime
  • Executive Member – IPC International Court
  • Ambassador Honorary to India - Humanistic University of Americas (Member of United Nations Academic Impact)
  • Ambassador Honorary - World Academy of Human Sciences
  • Ambassador – India of Romans Union Rights Defence Association
  • Business Ambassador – The Diplomatic Council (DC) is a United Nations (UN) accredited, global Think Tank
  • International High Commissioner of Human Rights - The European Citizens' Assembly
  • Cabinet Minister – Skill Development, Entrepreneurship Development, Youth and Sports of the International Parliament USA
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs, Asia Pacific Envoy for the Republic of Aquitaine
  • International Counselor of the World Constitution and Parliament Association
  • Honorary Sponsor of the Constitution for the Federation of the Earth
  • President – United Nations Association of India
  • General Secretary - Society for Networking, Empowerment & Holistic Action (Member of UN Global Compact)
  • Vice President - Indo Madagascar Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Vice President – World Federation of the Educational Institutions
  • Chairperson and General Director - Peace and Justice for Africa “Africa Commission for Justice and Peace”, Republic of Zambia
  • Director - S.E.R.C.S.U. International Academy Global Security and Human Sciences
  • Executive Member – African Kingdom Federation
  • Executive VIP Member – International Royal Academy of the United Nations
  • Executive Member – Chamber of Inter Commerce (CICRAUN)
  • Member - Academic Council of the Logos Institute and the Logos University, Florida, USA
  • Member Management Council – West Coast University
  • Chapter Director of the International Development Study Group, Public Opinions International (International Organization)
  • Member on the Panel of the IB & Economics committee of the Amity International Business School, Amity University, NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh
  • Adviser - Acme Intellects International Journal of Research in Management, Social Sciences & Technology- Reforms thru Research
  • Honorary Advisor for Life of the Kalinga University
  • Pioneer Member - Worldwide Peace Organization
  • Member - International Council of Jurists
  • Special Advisor and International Director – New World Party
  • International Advisor – All India Reporters Association
  • Member - Central Council of the International Science Technology and Skill Union “ISTSU”
  • Promotional Coordinator – University of Jerusalem

General Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma, IPC India as a brilliant peace missionary has been collaborating for many years with the international organizations.


He has a vast experience in banking, finance, international trading and humanitarian projects like educational, health and horticultural projects.


General Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma, IPC India is a World renowned Diplomat.


Personal Information:



Father's Name 

: Lt. Shri Shiv Ram Sharma 

Date of Birth  

: 24-04-1959 


: Indian 

Marital Status 

: Married 

Language Known

: English & Hindi 


: Studying of books & literature related to

  Our work



: 89, Bamnoli, Sector-28, South West 

  District, Dwarka-II, New   Delhi-110077


Date: 29/07/2016

Place: New Delhi



General Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma, IPC


Main Activities of Public Opinions International:
Public Awareness | Information Dissemination | Issues Research | Public Relations | International Networking and Lobby| Tourism & Investment Promotions International Consultative Meetings and Study Group Sessions on Sustainable Peace,Development,Tourism,Trade and Investment.


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