Training and Mentorship

Training and Mentorship Sessions

Public Opinions International  conducts  field based training and mentorship sessions with focus on skills development, career guidance, business startups, Interview skills, application letter writing, Inter-Personal Communication, Human rights, personal and institutional management and small business management.

Our beneficiaries are the youth and students in different parts of Uganda.

We organize one day training and mentorship Sessions in Personal and Institutional Management in which we issue certificates to all the participants.

Our training are geared towards inspiring Youth and students to be productive.We mentor and train youth to understand Uganda Vision 2040 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

Public Opinions is an accredited Member of International Organization for Educational Development (IOED) based in New Dehli in India. International Organization for Educational Development is in Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic Commission (Newyork,USA).

Public Opinions is also a partner and focal agency of International Police Commission-India Chapter.


Public Opinions International

Plot 30 Suite 5, Level 4 Green Land Tower

Opposite Bank of Uganda Kampala Road

P.o Box 35297 Kampala-Uganda

Tel: 256 701 992 426

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