On South Asia

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Adam Azim | Director Public Opinions| Washington DC
2nd December 2016 

Of the few countries in the world that make up the region of the world known as “South Asia”, there are essentially three major countries in this particular region:

1)Afghanistan, 2)Pakistan, and 3)India. Afghanistan has undergone rapid, albeit superficial development with the intervention of the international community over the past 15 years or so. Pakistan has managed to survive the onslaught brought upon it by Afghanistan and India through support from China.

India’s lack of development is not due to economic constraints even in the least bit. Look at the lavish parties Hindus throw for themselves and look at some of the major corporations like Ambani.

The sole reason why India has not developed and modernized since its supposed independence in 1947 is religion and culture as a result of an obsolete and foolish caste system that has inhibited India’s development. Some claim that when Uthman Ibn Affan, the third caliph of the Islamic religion, visited India in the 7th century AD, he declared the basic book of Hinduism to be a source for monotheism, but there is no conclusive evidence for this given the cultural circumstances that have not abated in India since Uthman’s visit.

I attended a meeting organized by Qatar’s Ambassador to Washington, DC recently, and the Ambassador of Qatar to Washington, DC scolded the Hindu businessman in the room for not taking care of his people and burdening other countries with their criminals and delinquents. I appreciate the directness and the frankness of Qatar’s Ambassador to America.

Hindus should learn from Israel and get their diaspora to stop hoarding material wealth from other countries and build India instead of playing political games and hedging between America and China. As a student who sought a globalized scheme, I never knew where India would fit. There are witnesses to this thought of mine in Washington, DC. What is necessary is a Sikh and Muslim secession from India because of the right-wing BJP’s takeover of India. Sikh and Muslim secession from India will finalize the completion of West and East Pakistan and it will create a balance between Non-Hindu and hindu populations in South Asia. Hindus killed Gandhi, not Muslims, and now Hindus should pay a price for this.

The Afghan Taliban with the support of Pakistan and China can eradicate drugs in the South of Afghanistan, and Russia, China, and America can take trust-building measures that will later be carried to the UN Security Council starting with a collective effort to crush northern alliance mafia entities and drug lords in Northern Afghanistan. These trust-building measures would also be the perfect premise upon which the United States can legitimize a prolonged yet reduced U.S. presence in Afghanistan that can facilitate “The Silk Road” project. These are suggestions which if taken by policymakers can have positive impacts globally as opposed to narrowing the mind and attempting to contain major issues within a local context.


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