Russian Influence on U.S. Elections

Public Opinions International
Adam Azim | Director Public Opinions| Washington DC

10th December 2016

There is either no doubt or very little doubt that Russia and Vladimir Putin influenced America’s elections in 2016. But the questions is: how did Russia influence America’s election?

Based on my personal assessment, there are three ways that Russia influenced the 2016 U.S. general elections: 1)Nigel Farage’s pandering to Donald Trump (something that I noted in August of 2016) 2)Vladimir Putin’s gifts and pandering to Donald Trump (stroking Donald Trump’s ego), and 3)Russian propaganda that made the United States look bad through media outlets such as RT and various other media outlets.

Nigel Farage joined hands with Russia and Vladimir Putin to get Donald Trump in office to leave Europe vulnerable because Donald Trump wanted less commitments to Europe. Nigel Farage and Vladimir Putin knew they could take advantage of Donald Trump’s lack of experience in foreign policy. But Nigel Farage and Vladimir Putin knew another thing, which was that if you stroke Donald Trump’s ego, you can have a way with Donald Trump, and that is what Nigel Farage and Vladimir Putin did. Only a miracle thwarted Nigel Farage and Vladimir Putin’s attempts to destroy Europe.

Also, for national security reasons, it would be wise and prudent to monitor and censor RT to a certain extent. It is good to engage outlets like RT in an adversarial sense to combat the propaganda that comes out of RT. But it is quite troubling that RT had enough of a way inside of the United States by broadcasting to the level that they actually broadcasted during the campaign period. It all goes back to the three elements of power that E.H. Carr mentioned: 1)Military power, 2)Economic power, and 3)Power over opinion. As I mentioned in a post titled “On Defeating ISIL”, America demonstrated a lack of respect for Muslims for the past twenty-five years since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and thus it was power over opinion that the United States was lacking over the past fifteen years. And because the United States could not garner power over opinion vis-a-vis the Islamic community and minorities, Donald Trump won the election.



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