Seyani Brothers and Company Uganda Limited

Seyani Brothers and Company Uganda Limited is a winner of the 2015 Uganda Sustainable Development Award and accredited Uganda's Top50 Sustainable Development Agencies in recognition and appreciation of its enormous contribution towards social-economic development of Uganda and attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Uganda. Awarded and Accredited by Public Opinions International


One name that is simply inseparable from the construction industry is that of Seyani Brothers. Since its incorporation over 15 years ago in Uganda, the company has enjoyed a rich journey of excellence on its way to being recognized as one of the leading civil engineering and building construction companies in the East Africa region.

Our philosophy of delivering quality, economy, performance, safety and integrity coupled with the construction know-how has made it possible to successfully construct a an array of breathtaking projects including industrial, commercial, hotels and lodges, real estate housing schemes, academic facilities, finance and healthcare amongst others.

Cultivating long-term relationships has been the foundation of our success. One of the best testimonies to the quality of our work and the integrity of our people is the list of clients we have served more than once. We understand our clients business, protect their interests, and bring dedication, integrity, and reliability to every project. Every project for every client has helped us to understand how to deliver services in a way that makes a difference in the quality of your building and in the totality of our service.

Mission Statement

To bring to each project a level of experience, professionalism and continuity that enables us to continue providing attractive, functional, cost-effective and unparalleled solutions for our clients

Our ability to succeed in today’s competitive construction industry is only due to our founding core values.

Core Values

Honesty - Be truthful, candid and non-deceptive in communication and conduct.
Integrity - To do what we say and maintain consistency between our beliefs and our behavior.
Teamwork - Work collectively to achieve a common vision and goal.
Commitment - Maintain a strict culture of uniformity, dedication and enthusiasm.


Health and Safety

At Seyani Brothers, we firmly believe that every stakeholder must be entitled to a healthful, safe, clean and enjoyable working environment. For us, prevention of accidents is both our moral obligation as well as good business. Hence we believe that safety and efficient protection of our employees, environment and the public is mandatory to achieve a successful completion of any construction project.

Unparalleled site management, audited quality controls combined with frequent risk assessments and innovative thinking ensures that safety is always recognized as an integral part of our system.

By instilling a zero accident policy that permeates from the management to the individual craftsmen, we have raised the benchmark for industry’s health and safety standards while improving quality and lowering costs.

Board of Directors

Parbat. B. Siyani

He is the founder and has been the Managing Director of Seyani Brothers since its incorporation back in 1991. Parbat, Kenyan born British, began a career in construction over 30 years ago, when he co-founded Seyani Brothers & Company Limited in Kenya in 1978 and served as a senior shareholder and director until 2000. During this time, he was involved in a number of key projects and initiatives most notably Starehe Boys Kabete Campus, Unga Office Block, Stima Club, Jomo Kenyatta Library, Taveta/Danida Project, Kolobot Apartments, Bishop Garden Offices amongst others.

In 1991, Parbat moved to Uganda to establish Seyani Brothers has been involved in a number of projects including Paraa Safari Lodges, Kibuli Police Training School, Lincoln International School, Uganda Virus Research Institute, Kakira Sugar Works and many more.

Apart from his executive duties in company he also had an opportunity to serve the construction industry in Uganda and promote its standard by being the founder member of Uganda National Associations of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors and served as an executive member for 6 years.

He masterminded the company’s expansion program by successfully launching Parbat Siyani Construction Ltd in Kenya in 2001 as well as Seyani Brothers & Co. s.a.r.l in Rwanda in 2004. Both these associated companies already executed a number of high value projects and are today recognized as leading construction companies in their respective jurisdictions. In 2007, Parbat, along with the other directors, was responsible for the launch of Seyani Brothers & Co. (T) Ltd in Tanzania.

Currently, he remains as the executive Managing Director of Seyani Brothers and its associated companies and is largely responsible for the company’s expansion program.

Manish. P. Siyani

After graduating a First Class Honors degree in BSc (Econ) Banking and Finance from University of Wales, Cardiff in 2003 and an MSc in Economics and Public Policy from University College London in 2005, Manish joined the company in 2006 as a Finance Director, responsible for Seyani Brother’s financial operations and corporate governance.

Since joining Seyani Brothers, Manish has worked with a number of departments across the company to reorganize the financial operations into a structure that enables finance and operations to work closely and allow individual departments to focus efficiently on their core business.

During his brief time, he has also had the opportunity to demonstrate his technical construction know how by having successfully being involved in the construction of Department for International Development UK Offices as well as Prime Impex Offices.

Currently, he continues to be in charged of the finance and investment operations for Seyani Brothers and all its associated companies.

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