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Public Opinions International is working towards attainment of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as well as a peace,stable and prosperous World.

We believe that Information Dissemination,Training,Mentorship,Research,Public Awareness and International Networking are important aspects and indeed core factors in the attainment of The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in different parts of the World.

We are here to disseminate information on development,peace,environmental protection,fighting Terrorism,Human Rights,Good Governance,Democracy,Accountability as well as disseminating profiles of responsible agencies and inspiring personalities around the world.

Above all we conduct field based training and mentorship sessions in Uganda East Africa in which we train and mentor youth,students on Global Development Agenda,Peace,Personal Competitiveness,Institutional Management, UN SDGs,Human Rights,Governance,Innovation,Business Startups,etc.


We request you to support Public Opinions International.

  • We accept Financial and In-Kind Contribution. 
  • You can support Our Training and Mentorship Sessions
  • Support "Uganda Human Rights Awareness Project 2017-2018
  • You Can support Printing and Dissemination of Posters,Fryers,Magazines and other Publications which we disseminate to the general Public,Community Leader,Youth Leaders,Teachers,Scholars,Political and Religious Leaders,NGO Leaders as well as Officials from Diplomatic Community and Corporate Bodies.
  • You can support our Public Dialogues and Public Lectures.
  • Support with ICT Gadgtes Like smart phones, Tabs,Computers,etc


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Public Opinions International

Plot 30 Suite 5, Level 4

Greenland Tower,Opposite Bank of Uganda

Kampala Road

P.O Box 35297 Kampala-Uganda

Tel: +256701 992 426

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