By Luzindana Adam Buyinza | Founder & CEO-Public Opinions International
Kampala-Uganda East Africa

Here in Uganda Africa, we are aware that  a bipartisan group in Congress is considering cutting the U.S. financial contribution to the United Nations (UN) because of a December United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli West Bank settlements.

Both the House of Representatives and Senate voted to condemn the Council vote.

The continuous contribution of USA to United Nations has been helpful in fighting Global Terrorism, promoting peace and stability around the world and indeed this as enabled USA to remain at the centre of Global Stability and Development through the United Nations Agencies and programs. This has further positioned USA as the most important nation on earth.

The U.S. provides 22 percent of the regular budget ($5.4 billion) and 28.5 percent of the peacekeeping budget ($8.27 billion).

Any slight reduction on USA Financial contribution to UN will be good news to some countries including Russia, China and others opposed to USA role in ensuring Global Peace and Stability. Actually as USA Focuses more on Israel affairs, USA is slowly losing out in other parts of the world.

Israel is an important country which must be supported and respected but any resolution by UN against Israel must not be a basis of US to cut its financial contribution to UN.. Such a response will be sending a very dangerous signal to other Nations around the world especially those supporting peace, justice and stability in Palestine and Israel.

Actually USA is losing on so many fronts every day just because of focusing on some issues while forgetting its role in promoting Global peace and development. Look at the investment and trade Portfolios as well as infrustructure development in Africa.The truth is USA is slowly loosing it out on trade,investment and infrustructual development projects in Africa.

I THINK THE Trump Administration should focus on promoting peace and global development but at the same time supporting the strategic allies of USA. There is need for USA to wake up and fully participate in global infrustructual development,Global trade and investment with other nations around the world.


By Luzindana Adam Buyinza
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