The 2017-2018 Uganda Human Rights Awareness Project (UHRAP)

The 2017-2018 Uganda Human Rights Awareness Project (UHRAP)

Public Opinions is working in communities to sensitize people on their rights and to also understand International human rights treaties and conventions. It’s shocking that even local leaders in Uganda don’t know there rights and do not appreciate the international human treaties and conventions. We want to carry on awareness campaign targeting vulnerable groups in communities such as women, youth, students,eldery and the People with Disabilities.

There is a lot of domestic Violence as well as Sexual Violence perpetuated in Communities. The Violation of the rights of people in rural communities and small trading centres and slums is too much and yet know one is sensitizing the masses.There is a growing rift between the leaders and the people whose rights are violated.This is a Tragedy in Uganda.

We therefore work to sensitize the communities and defend there rights. We have Human Right Defenders and Human Rights Volunteers who are our community Rights Volunteers/Community Rights Defenders.

To be able to implement this project effectively, Public Opinions will conduct the following activities in Uganda;

  • Human Rights Awareness Roundtable,Media Interview and Dinner which will attract political leaders such as members of parliament from rural areas,NGOs,Officials from Uganda Peoples Defense Forces, Officials from Uganda Police Force and other Security and Intelligence Agencies. (These will be two).


  • Five (5) Human Rights Awareness Public Dialogues in Selected Universities in Uganda in which University Students and University Leaders will debate and dialogue on human rights issues such as sexual violence,LGBT Issues,etc.These Dialogues will be addressed by selected key human rights activists and Inspirational speakers.


  • Five (5) Regional Human Rights Awareness Seminars.Uganda has 5 Regions.Northern Region,Eastern Region,Central Region and Western Region as well a very Remote Karamoja Sub Region. These Regional Awareness Seminars will bring together local leaders from the regions to debate and to be sensitise on Human Rights. Our target is to identify and recruit Human rights defenders and Human Rights Activists accross the country.


  • One (1) Social Media Human Rights Activists Recruitment Workshop. We are working to recruit more and build capacities of social media youth to engage more on human rights advocacy and promotion.


  • Printing and Publishing 50,000 copies of " Human Rights Awareness and Education Poster" which will outline the rights of the people of Uganda as stated in the constitution of Uganda. These will be distributed in trading centres,churches,mosques,students,etc

Public Opinions Uganda is a member of International Organization for Educational Development (IOED) India and a member of International Police Commission (IPC) San Francisco USA.

A funder interested to fund this project,we request him or her to contact us and we will submit the brief proposal.

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