Foreign Policy Initiative Bosnia and Herzegovinia

Foreign Policy Initiative Bosnia and Herzegovinia is a Winner of the 2016/2017 Global Sustainable Development Award and Accredited as a Global 500 Sustainable Development Agencies of the year 2016/2017 in appreciation of its contribution towards Social-Economic Development of the Bosnia and Herzegovinia through strategic analysis of foreign policy, international relations and international obligations of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Awarded and Accredited by Public Opinions International (Uganda-East Africa).  

Public Opinions International is a Partner and Member of International Organisation for Educational Development (IOED) and International Police Commission which is is in  Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (Newyork,USA).

Foreign Policy Initiative BH is a non-governmental, non-profit, independent organization dedicated to investigating and analyzing foreign policy, international relations and international obligations of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Foreign Policy Initiative was established in 2004 by the founding members, who form the Assembly of the organization. It is a non-profit, non-government organization, dedicated to advance and influence the debate and discussion among academics, activists, and policy and decision makers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Apart from the regular official reports on the progress of reforms in BiH by governmental institutions and international organizations, we seek to present a critical view on the reform process, covering political, economic, and social issues.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve the society in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and its institutions through a wide range of research opportunities, publications and organization of events, which promote awareness of BiH internal governance issues, as well as its foreign policy directions. FPI BH carries out its mission through:

• Expanding society’s knowledge about the changing nature and conduct of international relations, foreign affairs, diplomacy, and repercussions on BiH institutions

• Expert analyses and advisory role towards the foreign policy creators and decision makers in the legislative and executive branches in BiH

• Strengthening the education and training of emerging young professionals in BiH

• Increasing public understanding about the nature of the governance reform process in BiH, it’s foreign policy and EU integration process

FPI BH Assembly

The FPI BH Assembly is highest supervisory and decision-making body. It appoints the FPI management and Advisory Board, selects external associates and grants new memberships.

Members of FPI BH Assembly: Denisa Sarajlić, Amer Kapetanović, Davor Vuletić and Zoran-Matija Kulundžić.

FPI BH Advisory Board

Members of FPI BH Advisory Board: Osman Topčagić, Hajrudin Somun, Jasmina Pašalić, Nina Karađinović, Mihael Vajhert, Emine Bozkurt, Zlatko Dizdarević, Marko Radovanović, Damir Šaljić, Željko Jerkić and Mesut Idriz.





Monitoring of Public Administration Reform in Western Balkans

Support to EU integration process in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Support to the organizational development of think tank organizations

Young Professional Development Programme for MA and PhD Graduates

V4- Supporting the Advocacy Strategy for the European Integration of the Western Balkans

Benchmarking for EU Reform – How Effective? BENCHER

Completed projects

Parliament for Women II

Centre of Expertise on Policymaking System in the Western Balkans – CEPS WeB

Strenghtening Capacities in BiH for EU Integration – Support in Preparation for Gaining EU Candidacy Status (EU Questionnaire)


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