The Royal Group of Cambodia

The Royal Group is a Winner of the 2016/2017 Global Sustainable Development Award and Accredited as a Global 500 Sustainable Development Agencies of the year 2016/2017 in appreciation of its contribution towards Social-Economic Development of Cambodia through promoting sustainable and Responsible Investment in the country hence Social-economic transformation of Cambodia. Awarded and Accredited by Public Opinions International (Uganda-East Africa).  

Public Opinions International is a Partner and Member of International Organisation for Educational Development (IOED) and International Police Commission which is is in  Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (Newyork,USA).

The Royal Group of Cambodia is the premier investment and development company in Cambodia. The company is focused on bringing quality investment to the country and providing investors with the platform to run successful and profitable operations.

The Royal Group is one of the largest investment companies in Cambodia. A diversified investment strategy has been undertaken by the Royal Group in many industry sectors.

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Cambodia’s booming economy, one of the fastest growing, enjoys a stable political situation, together with the most welcoming and liberal business, investment and trade environment in ASEAN.

The Royal Group has been at the heart of this economic development for more than two decades, attracting international investors and building market leaders in a cross-section of industries.

The company is recognized as the country’s most dynamic and diversified business conglomerate. Established as a strategic investment holding company, it maintains interests in a wide range of industries including telecommunication, media, banking, insurance, resorts, education, property, trading and agriculture.

The Royal Group is the strategic investment gateway to a revitalized Cambodia. Having a history of successful, market-leading partnerships with investors in a diverse range of industries, The Royal Group offers overwhelming investment potential in one of the first truly free-market economies in the Mekong Region of Asia.

The Royal Group of Companies believes that all individuals, corporations and other bodies need to actively be involved in the conservation of our environment and the growth and well-being of society. Being a member of the Cambodian community, we believe that we need to play an active role in enhancing the lifestyle of the community in general and to ensure the sustainability of the natural environment surrounding us.

As such, Royal Group has built an “Environmental and Community Service” policy and ethos into our business planning process and accordingly, we embrace our responsibility for environmental stewardship and are committed to integrating leading environmental practices and sustainability principles into our core business strategy.

Many projects will be looked at to ensure that the Royal Group of Companies is playing its part in enhancing environmental practices and the community in general.


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