Uganda Christian Counselors Association (UCCA)

Uganda Christian Counselors Association (UCCA) is a not for profit founded by a group of professional Christian counselors with a mission to provide researched, practical, effective counseling and educational programs for change without discrimination. UCCA is recognized by Uganda NGO Board.

UCCA recognizes that there is need to build momentum for comprehensive, balanced, and effective drug abuse prevention and treatment approaches to achieve WFAD’s aim of working for a drug-free world.

Current Projects
UCCA is working with stakeholders to integrate alcohol and drug abuse prevention programmes through school-based policies, education, leaders, parents and teacher training, employment of professional counsellors in schools, influence national policies on production, promotion/advertising and sale of alcohol, education about drug abuse and HIV interface, and promote behavioural change among vulnerable groups. Twenty million school-going youth are targeted in the next ten years.

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