Understanding The Ecomondo (The Green Technologies Expo 2017,Italy)

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The Ecomondo (The Green Technologies Expo 2017) will be held on 7th-10th November 2017 in Italy - Rimini Expo Centre. Once again this year Ecomondo - from 7th to 10th November 2017 will be organized under the banner of IEG (Italian Exhibition Group).

From 7th to 10th November the appointment with the leading European platform for the green industry alongside environment and sustainable economy companies. Debuts of the project on Sustainable Transport and Mobility, mainstays of the Urban Circular Economy, and the area on hydrogeological instability and prevention of climatic risks.

Over 100,000 people are expected to attend the Green Technologies Expo in which 9000 will be foreign buyers,1200 companies.  Information available indicate that 57% participants will be from Europe,5% from Africa and 4% from Middle East while 9% from The Americas.

The Expo will attract sectoral participations in which 41% will be from services sector,34% Industry and distribution,5% from construction sector,6% from Public Sector,5% from Research And Training, 4% from NGOs and Media,5% from Utilities And Agricultural Companies.

One of the emerging industrial areas of Ecomondo is the Italian and European Bio-based industry i.e. multi-product bio refineries (which produce several chemical compounds and biogas) and non-food biomass refineries, from wood cellulose and from organic waste, to be introduced in abandoned industrial areas. Reduction of food wastage, efficient energy use and transformation of the food industry including the integrated exploitation of its by-products and waste.

However Africa still lag behind in all these summits and meetings in promoting Green technologies. You can see that the whole of Africa will only be represented with 5% of all the participants and millions of people especially business leaders, young innovators, young businessmen in East are not involved in Green technologies meetings. Its indeed a big challenge.

Ecomondo is the leading Euro-Mediterranean area green and circular economy expo. An international event with an innovative format that brings together all sectors of the circular economy in a single platform: from material and energy recovery to sustainable development.

Running at the same time as Ecomondo is Key Energy, the expo of “energy for the climate”, energy-efficiency solutions and applications and renewable energy.
Since 2009, Ecomondo has also offered an ideal model of the Città Sostenibile (Sustainable City), in an exhibition space demonstrating models of urbanisation, technological solutions, projects, and mobility schemes that permit improvements in the population’s quality of life and promote sustainable territorial development.

Italy is among the leading countries in Europe in the green and circular economy, in particular in energy efficiency, waste recycling and resource productivity. For this reason, Ecomondo is a reference point in the international panorama, where all the leading companies of the sector can meet and discover the trends, innovations and new technologies and exchange views with sector professionals


  •  Authorities (public institutions with powers of inspection, supervision and decision in the environmental sector)
  • Mayors or representatives of municipalities directed to make purchases (machinery and equipment for the treatment of waste collection vehicles and the transport of waste and cleaning of the city, systems and containers for separate waste collection, etc.) to organize waste collection in their territory.
  • Municipalities
  • Municipalities interested in buying ecological islands, systems for integrated waste collection, waste treatment plants.
  • Representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, or planning only if they have any upcoming projects involving purchases to suit the various regulations for the environmental sector.

Key Sectors include; transport, sweeping, solutions for the urban hygiene, producers of bioplastic materials, organic waste management, solar photovoltaic, urban regeneration 

Interested industries to buy equipments for industrial cogeneration (industries that require a high energy input) and / or interested in the management of industrial waste such as: 

  •  Food processing industry
  • Mechanic industry
  • Chemical / pharmaceutical industry
  • Industry paper / cardboard
  • Industry of 'packaging
  • Industry of 'automotive
  • Industry of rubber and plastic (plastic molding) interested in buying products coming from the recovery or bio-based (ie organic material not derived from petroleum and / or biodegradable)
  • Oil and gas (refineries concerned to introduce a part of clean fuels) and / or regeneration, regeneration of soils
    Wood industry (exceptionally also companies interested in selling from woodworking waste materials) 
  • Steel industry / steelworks (our exhibitors offer all equipment for the processing, separation and processing of all types of ferrous metal and non-ferrous)
  • Building: building companies affected by the decontamination of land and brownfield sites and disposal of inert
  • Cement


· Large and middle managers of water service and multi-utilities; 
·Public authorities and environmental control authorities; 
· Leading consulting firms for energy & water saving; 
· Farms and livestock; 
· Water management consortia; 
·Managers of aqueducts; 
· Food industry; 
·Textile industry; 
· Construction companies 
· Petrochemical industry 
· Chemical-cosmetic-pharmaceutical industry 
· Wood industry 
·Mechanic industry 
·MINISTRY OF THE ENVIRONMENT authorities and energy, water and government agencies 
· Managers of wind farms and / or solar / photovoltaic parks interested in revamping (maintenance, modernization) 
· Distributors and large installers of wind power and photovoltaics, thermo, go out 
· Financial Institutions and investors interested in investing in wind and solar 
·Private companies 
·Farms and livestock with good investment capacity, dairy and fruit and vegetable producers 
·ESCO companies and ENERGY MANAGER / energy-intensive industries 


Focus on  machinery and equipment for waste treatment equipment and handling of waste, waste reclamation, reclamation, and risk prevention 

Breakers, hammers, wreckers and scrap traders and metals (companies that collect scrap, select them and turn them into new raw material to be resold; these figures are concerned the purchase of machinery for the handling of waste, screeners separators, spiders etc.) 

·Managers landfills (both private and public) and ecological islands 
· Managers of large centers (hospitals, large sports facilities, airports, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, canteens) affected both energy efficiency / cogeneration renewable (wind / solar thermal / photovoltaic) that the waste cycle - recovery and management some waste 
· GDO, retail supermarkets, hypermarkets buying groups 
·Engineering studies and engineering design with important upcoming projects 
·Distributor / Retailer 

Public Opinions International (East Africa) is involved in mass information dissemination and awareness on stakeholders in Africa on issues of attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our commitment is information dissemination and Public Awareness in Africa. Due to poor information and strong communication links with distributors,buyers and consumers in East Africa,importation and distribution of Italian products in the region remain minimal. East African importers,businessmen and young entrepreneurs plus governments have got alot of information on Chinese or Indian Products. China and India manufacturers have invested alot in information dissemination and public Relations on their products and services.


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