Bwindi Community Hospital (Winner of the 2017 Uganda Sustainable Development Award)

Bwindi Community Hospital is a winner of the 2017 Uganda Sustainable Development Award and a Uganda Top50 Sustainable Development Agencies in appreciation of its contribution towards attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Uganda Vision 2040 through provision of timely and affordable Community Health Services in Bwindi in Kinkizi Kanungu District. Bwindi Community Hospital is the best health service provider in Kanungu District in Western Uganda providing HIV Education and Treatment as well as dental outreach in the district. 

The Uganda Sustainable Development Award was offered to Bwindi Community Hospital by Public Opinions International an agency promoting attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through strategic Research, Public Relations, Public Awareness, Information Dissemination,Training,Mentorship,General Advisory services, International Networking,etc.

Public Opinions is proud of the great leadership of Dr Dr. Birungi Mutahunga The Executive Director Bwindi Community Hospital for steering the hospital to serve the people of Bwindi community and kanungu as a district. God bless you.

Bwindi Community Hospital is a Church of Uganda (Anglican) Hospital under the Diocese of Kinkiizi. It is staffed by a team of 121. These include; doctors, nurses, midwives, other health workers and support staff. 70% of our employees are from within our catchment area and 30% are from other parts of Uganda.

The vision of Bwindi Community Hospital is a  healthy and productive community free from preventable disease and with excellent health services accessible to all.

Bwindi Community Hospital was founded in 2003 by Scott and Carol Kellermann. It began as an outreach clinic under a tree, and has grown into a 112-bed Hospital providing health care and health education services to a population of over 100,000 people. The Hospital began as a special mission to help the Batwa pygmies who were displaced from the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest after it was made a National Park in 1993. Since leaving the forest many Batwa have lived in extreme poverty and are affected by the health issues that poverty brings. 

The Hospital was started particularly to provide health care to the Batwa, but quickly found itself treating all people living in the area. We define our population as the sub-counties of Kayonza and Mpungu in Kanungu District, and we now provide HIV education and treatment and dental outreach to a third sub-county, Kanyantorogo. 

There are few other decent health services in this extremely remote area and people sometimes walk for more than a day to get to us. We send outreach teams into the community seven days a week to try to make sure that health care is accessible to all, and in June 2009 we opened a satellite health care centre in a Batwa settlement called Byumba, about 20 kilometres away from Bwindi.

Hospital believes that prevention is better than cure, and that if a disease is preventable we should be out in the community trying to stop it from occurring rather than just treating cases as they come to us. However, when people do become sick, we aim to provide them with the high quality care they need.

At many other Hospitals in Uganda health workers are absent or have low morale, drugs are out of stock more often than they are present, and patients wait for hours in queues. At Bwindi Community Hospital, staff members are on duty 24 hours a day, we plan ahead so that no drug is ever out of stock, and we make sure all patients are attended to quickly. We strive to serve our patients well and to achieve excellence.
Accessibility for All is the most important part of our Vision. We believe that all people, rich or poor, have an equal right to access health care, and that those living high in the mountains need care just as much as those living next to the Hospital, which is why we send teams into the community on seven days a week.

The  Mission  of BCH is Serving Jesus Christ through giving holistic health care and life in all its fullness to the staff, patients, clients and visitors in the Hospital and community.

At Bwindi Community Hospital, we believe all aspects of life are important, and so spirituality, health, happiness and relationships are all incorporated into the phrase life in all its fullness. In Uganda it is traditional to offer generous hospitality to visitors, so they are included in the family of people who we hope to extend this life to. Bwindi is a Community Hospital, and in everything that we do we need the support, the understanding and the actions of the community around us.



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