Mr.Rustom Alexander Agro-Economics Advisor Public Opinions International

Mr.Rustom Alexander
Agro-Economics Advisor
Public Opinions International
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He Regularly write opinions on Agricultural Economics and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr.Rustom Alexander is the Chairman  & CEO - JustHospitality.Com, Chief Mentor - ENTREPRENEURSHIP BUSINESS CLASSROOM - The Third Eye University. 

He is a dynamic, results oriented leader with strong track record of performance in Civil Society Advocacy for national global PEACE, a Hospitality, Travels & Tourism and committed towards attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

One who utilizes keen analytical insight & team approach to drive organizational improvements/implementation of   practices. A superior interpersonal skilled personality, capable of solving multiple & complex organizational challenges in areas such as Sales, Human Resources, Operations and Managerial level. A factor in motivation toward a career peak performance. Excellent in creative innovative dispositions.

Rustom Alexander is an author, Speaker, leader and a team player in building high achieving Organizations.

Rustom Alexander is The Chief Mentor General at Centre for Social Entrepreneurship Development, whose vision is to recreate, refine, motivate, empower and scale successful venture and people with innovative culture that can have positive impact in today’s developing World.

Rustom Alexander is a father of three and a husband to a beloved God fearing woman Deaconess Dorathy Rustom Alexander.

Rustom Alexander is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Economic & Extension from the University of Calabar. He has a Certificate in PEACE & CONFLICT studies from the United State Institute of Peace USIP. He is a proud holder of a Certificate in HOSPITALITY/Hotel management, 2016, TOJUM Hospitality Nigeria.



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