Evreka a turkish Waste management firm meet with Luzindana Adam Buyinza Team Leader of Public Opinions in Rimini City Italy

Luzindana Adam Buyinza Team Leader/CEO of Public Opinions International meets with Directors of Evreka in Rimini City in Italy. Evreka is a highly reputable software company involved in Software for waste management. The company has the best systems to reduce on costs and time in waste management. We believe Evreka concept is a new innovation in the waste management sector and this is a big contribution towards attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Evreka, is a lead R&D company developing high standard technologies on Smart City concept. With a staff that specialized on Internet of Things segment, offers quality service to its customers providing together with software and hardware solutions. Currently, work for municipalities and private waste collection companies to optimize their waste collection processes with proprietary smart container fill-level monitoring sensor and in-house developed smart routing software/

Evreka offers an enterprise approach to smart, connected waste management deployments. Your local account representative will work with you to evaluate your current waste management situation by conducting an assessment of your waste and recycling footprint, costs, and drivers to build out a Evreka Smart Waste Collection System customized to your facility and needs. Evreka Smart Waste Collection System provides modern solution and green solution for traditional waste collection systems. Evreka wireless sensors can measure the garbage bin fill level instantaneously and send this information to cloud using m2m technology. These collected information from all over the city is processed to get the efficient daily collection routes. These daily routes are transferred to the navigation devices easily used by drivers. By this way, drivers follow the efficient routes and stop for only necessary locations. This saves time and energy, decreases CO2 emission and waste collection costs up to 55%.

In today’s world, wastes are collected without using technology, with static and unplanned routes. Fill rates are ignored and all bins are visited every day resulting inefficient methods and high costs. Traditional waste collection system results in inefficient usage of stuff, fleets and tools, pollution from the harmfull gas emission and overflow garbage bins. Evreka Smart Waste Collection System helps you to get rid of all these concerns and bring the future to your local.

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