Russia Federation President Vladmir Putin voted for The 2017 Global Lifetime Achievement Award

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3rd May 2017 

H.E Vladmir Putin the President of Russian Federation voted for the The 2017 Global Lifetime Achievement Award (Glita Award) in appreciation of his contribution towards ensuring Meaningful Representation of the Russian Federation Regions and 21 Republics at the National Level in Moscow, Economic transformation of Russia Federation, Youth and women empowerment in the Federation, Russia Federation role at the United Nations security council, Russia Federation role in promoting peace and stability through fighting Terrorism, Russia Federation Role in energy and Gas development, Russian Federation Role is supporting many students in Africa to study in Russia,etc.

The Global Lifetime Achievement Award is organized by Public Opinions Uganda Limited which is a Pan-Africa Development Oriented Organization led by young people of Africa with commitment to disseminate information in Africa and worldwide, working towards attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Africa, Awarding Leaders and persons who have made great contribution towards Transformation of their communities. We are involved in mass information Dissemination, Public Relations, Public awareness, International Networking, Training and mentorship,etc.


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